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GDPR Details

Data Protection

As an employment business our job is to find work seekers (you for example) and match them with roles with our clients. We need your permission to share your personal information with Clients, potential employers or other 3rd parties for legitimate purposes such as payroll. We may engage with umbrella company suppliers or other 3rd parties. If we use an umbrella company supplier, they will contract with you and us separately. Our supplier will have a contract with us to provide services (to us) and a contract with you which confirms the terms of your engagement with them.

So that our umbrella company or payroll supplier can contact you we would like to send them some of your personal information. We believe we have a legitimate reason for doing this but have decided in the spirit of full disclosure to ask you to consent to us sharing or processing your personal information.

The consent is below and before agreeing to it we would like to make the following points:

  • You do not have to consent.
  • If you would like to consent, you must (in addition to ticking the box) sign, print your name and insert the date where indicated.
  • You can withdraw your consent at any time.
  • We will only send your personal information for the reasons stated in this document.
  • We will not send any Special Categories of Personal Data (this is particularly sensitive information).
  • The umbrella company supplier will use the information we send them only to contact you to discuss how they can engage with you.



Please checked below:
I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose detailed above and that my personal data be transferred to 3rd parties for the purposes above.


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Please note, by not giving your consent to data sharing and processing, we may not be able to find suitable positions for you. Are you sure you wish to proceed without consenting?